Patient Guide

MyCannabis Clinic will guide you every step of the way of your medical cannabis journey.

Option 1

ic_1Consult Your Physician

Medical and referral documents can be printed from our website and taken to your family physician who can prescribe a dosage (grams per day) and period of use (up to one year). Speak to your doctor about your symptoms and ask your physician to fill out a medical document provided here to complete your prescription.

If your doctor has not prescribed medical cannabis before or is unsure about how to prescribe, ask your physician to complete our online referral form, which is faxed directly to the Licensed Producer.
The licensed producer will then contact you (the patient) to confirm that you have been registered with them – this can take up to four business days. Once your profile is created with the Licensed Producer, you can order up to thirty times your grams per day, per month, and receive your medication via secured mail.

Option 2

ic_2Access Our Telemedicine Portal

Step 1: On our website click the “Get Started” Link to begin the online process.

Step 2: Select an appointment time and date that is convenient for you.

Step 3: Fill out the Assessment form. You will be required to provide some pre-qualifying information (ie. Age, previous medications, OHIP Number, etc.)

Step 4: Connect with one of our healthcare practitioners via telemedicine to discuss your medical history, diagnosis, and address any questions or concerns. Please be prepared to provide supporting medical documentation.

Step 5: If you are eligible for medical cannabis, our healthcare practitioner will review your information and complete your registration with the licensed producer you have selected. This process can take up to four business days.

Step 6: Once your registration is complete the Licensed Producer will contact you and you will be able to order your medical cannabis. After ordering, your medical cannabis will then be delivered to you via secured mail.

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